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“The only reason for mastering technique is to make sure the body does not prevent the soul from expressing itself.” -La Meri


Madi, a dancer from the age of three has experience in jazz, kick, contemporary, lyrical, pom, and a wee bit in tap. Over the years she has developed an enthusiasm for choreographing contemporary dance, but has loads of experience in choreographing all styles. Holding a leadership position junior/senior year of her high school dance career, she is currently choreographing solos and coaching dancers for Just for Kix. She believes that teaching proper technique from a young age sets your dancer up for success in the future, but equally believes you are never too old to improve your technique and skill set. 

Having suffered from various injuries early in her dance career she became passionate about equipping athletes’ bodies, especially dancers, to endure the demands placed on them during the season so they can reach their goals injury free and recover quickly from any they have sustained. Madi is currently pursuing a degree in exercise science at Minnesota State University, Mankato with the hopes to work with collegiate athletes in the future.


8 time All-Conference Team Member

4 time All-State Jazz Team Member

3 time State Kick Participant

3 time State Jazz Participant

JFK Solo Choreographer & Coach


Favorite Things

Kyle Hanagami Dance Combos

Strength Training


CRU Campus Ministry